Caroline Roberts, Founder of Mawish Food looking at Mt Cook in NewZealand

"Whilst a passionate foodie, I am a qualified nutritional consultant and scientific researcher. My experience has strengthened my belief that food has the answer to a lot of health issues and am convinced there is more out there for us than conventional medicine.

"I can’t help but let this enthusiasm bubble into MAWish."

Created by me, Caroline, an AfN accredited nutritionist and scientific researcher with a passion for health, food, and its function as medicine!




A passion for healthy eating really kick started everything whilst living in New Zealand in 2017. I was a keen runner and a bit of a sugar addict but also interested in the influence food had on overall health, mental, and physical performance. 

I started playing with flavours and ingredients I had experienced whilst travelling. At the time, I was focused on local markets, experimenting with making raw, unprocessed versions of the packaged staple naughty treats everyone grabs for a quick fix. I loved the satisfaction I got from substituting 'bad' ingredients for healthier alternatives to create something tastier that I knew was going to benefit the consumer from the inside out.


Back then, and still now, the ingredients used were raw with no added sweeteners or flavourings. I remember driving back from work and the words ‘moreish’ and ‘raw’ were stuck in my head….MAWish was born and the name stuck ever since. 

I moved back to the UK to complete my Msc. Human Nutrition, and today MAWish has become a creative expression of my love for nutritious and delicious tasting food and drink an manifests as a functional food brand specialising in raw, organic, ethically and sustainably sourced mixes I make myself.  I hope that you enjoy our deliciously versatile products in whichever creative way you fancy!



 I really hope you enjoy the latte blends in whichever creative fancy you take!