Our Packaging Promise 

What's it MADE of?             Can I RECYCLE it?


Finer details

- Our 100% Plastic free pledge isn't just towards our epic tube

- Each powder pouch we use whether that's a refill pouch or in a tube is made from Bamboo Cellulose

- Even our adhesive stickers are made from Bamboo Cellulose

-  We love it's a compostable, sustainable alternative to plastic

Made to last

 -We designed our tubes with care

- They are made from 100% recyclable cardboard

- Inside we've added a food grade aluminium lining for freshness

- They are intended to be re-used

- We encourage and sell blend only refill options for return customers.  Please re-use and recycle!

Sensible postage

 - When fulfilling your orders online

we endeavour to use sensibly sized, environmentally friendly  packaging

Whilst we cannot change existing Mawish stockists delivery methods we try to work with suppliers who share our eco-conscious mentality

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