The science behind Maca

The Science....

Maca is having a bit of a moment. Whilst the Peruvian plant has been cultivated by farmers for over 3000 years, it has recently gained a lot of scientific interest and recent research has suggested this nutty, butterscotch tasting root has a number of significant health benefits. 

Traditionally used as an aphrodisiac, Maca has also been shown in a small number of pilot studies to increase libido and reduce the symptoms of menopause, particularly those related to mood, but also possibly hot flashes, though more research is needed to decide if it's particularly effective. Whilst evidence is limited, a 2016 systematic review revealed an improvement in sexual function and semen quality after consuming Maca.

Is Maca good for you?

Regardless of these potential benefits, Maca Root provides a rich source of vitamins a minerals, notably copper and manganese, and is an excellent source of vitamin B1 and iron.

If you like this malty, caramel flavour, adding it to oatmeal and other treats is a great way to boost your intake of these nutrients. 

 You can add maca powder to just about anything, 

Start with just a half teaspoon or so – the nutty, caramel flavor can taste pretty overpowering if you overdo it.

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