Save your money and your waistline - Make your own!

You know what they say, 'a cup coffee a day keeps the doctor away'... Fine... that isn't necessarily how it goes but with 95 million cups being consumed daily in the UK (according to the British Coffee Association), it might as well be!

Just like cooking a meal, it's no big news that making a coffee at home is both cheaper and healthier than it is to grab one on the go from a local cafe.... yet over 2 thirds of us do just that.

Let's look a little closer...

The average Costa coffee (because they have the most coffee shops in the UK) will set you back between £2.45 - £3.65. Those of you treating yourself to a take away coffee once or twice a month would be splashing out a reasonable-ish average of £73.36 per year. But the die-hard coffee lovers amongst you who purchase a cup a day (say 28 per month at £2.60 per coffee). You guys are racking up £870 per year. Just... on.. coffee.

Is that value for money or is there a practical and economical alternative? – I'm definitely using my coffee machine in lockdown more, but can relate to the concern. Can the beans, syrups, powders rival the extensive Costa latte menu, as well as delivering on taste?

The coffee technology available to us now means that your home-brewed cup can absolutely rival your local coffee shops; even those expensive, must be complicated to make, packed with healthy ingredients options are tangible. No need to squander £3.60 for a Caramel latte, when a identical DIY option is available. If you have your own machine, a Nespresso capsule is 35p, a serving of Mawish Liquid Balance is 30p. You could use bottled water and whatever dairy or non dairy alternative and it would still come to less than £1.00.

The take home... Get that extra 5 mins of your morning back not queuing and save £2.60 a latte.

Now, the maths is done, and you are on your way to affording that new pair of shoes from your favourite shop, its also worth considering shop bought coffees may be damaging your health.

A medium semi-skimmed flat white contains an average 88 calories, 13g carbohydrate and 1g fat.. whilst a salted caramel Frappuccino hides a whopping 388 calories, 21.3g fat and 43.5g carbohydrate.