Minty Matcha Mojito

Here's a zingy, energising#matcha#mojito recipe for you to cool down with this Summer...

Just as easy to make as a regular mojito but with the addition of some nutritious liquid energy matcha Syrup (you can store this in the fridge for a week and add to lattes, oats or more mojitos!)

For the matcha syrup

1 tablespoon honey or maple Syrup

¼ cup water

2 teaspoons liquid energy

For the mojito

5 to 10 mint leaves (depending on the size of the leaves and how minty you like your mojito - I ramp up the mint)

1 tablespoon maple syrup (optional if you like a sweet one)

1 thick slice of lime (the peel will impart some bitterness when muddled; this is important!)

1 to 2 tablespoons matcha syrup (depending on how sweet you like it)

1 tablespoon lime juice

25 - 50 ml white or gold rum (white is traditionally used, but gold is fine, too)

100 ml soda water

1 cup ice cubes or crushed ice

How to:

1. muddle mint leaves and lime slices in your serving glass 🍸

2. make your matcha syrup by pouring warm water onto your matcha and giving it a whisk.. And then mix in the syrup until it dissolves

3. add ice to your glass and pour a good glug of the matcha syrup with and equally good glug of rum before topping with soda water.

4. Enjoy!! #mojito