Mastering a golden latte

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

A turmeric latte is perfect for those of you that want a healthy alternative to coffee or chai latte..

It is so innocently indulgence, with a delicious, creamy taste that it is hard to imagine how it can be so nourishing.

Being caffeine free, it is a great evening recovery drink to have before bed.

Feel free to use any type of milk or mylk, and as our blends are completely sugar free, you may wish to add a natural sweetener such as honey or maple syrup. Turmeric has an intense flavour, so add it gently if you’re not used to this incredible spice.

Our blend combines turmeric with organic vanilla beans and black pepper to maximise flavour and the body's ability to absorb the active ingredient Curcumin.


1/2 tsp LIQUID gold

200 ml milk of choice - (psssst. We love Oatley's Barista blend!)

Optional: 1 tsp sweetener of choice


Put 1 tsp LIQUID gold blend into your favourite mug

Add a little boiling water and stir to make a runny paste - add any sweeter at this stage

Heat milk and pour on top!

HINT: If you have a milk brother, add 1 tsp LIQUID gold in with your milk and let them froth up together!

We love seeing how people enjoy liquid gold, so give us a tag when you next make one

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