Learn And Love The Different Grades Of Matcha

Quality matcha really does matter. A bright emerald green colour is often a good indication of fresh, premium ceremonial grade matcha. Ceremonial grade matcha is the first harvest of the season, giving it a delicate flavour and rich colour. As the season goes on through the spring and summer, the tea shrubs get more sun, which changes the flavour and overall quality of the leaves. These later harvests produce a more bitter culinary-

MAWish's LiquidEnergy blend uses only the highest-quality organic ceremonial matcha from Uji, Japan. It is sealed in bamboo cellulose before being packed in recyclable cardboard to keep its freshness.


  1. Take our Liquid Energy ceremonial grade for premium quality match

  2. Whisk powder with water before adding milk for a smooth lump free latte

  3. Enjoy the zen energy 🧘‍♂️

Some studies suggest that matcha can improve attention, memory and reaction time.


Try our Liquid Energy blend - not only is it delicious but also beneficial for your health and brain function! 💚

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