Drink Me

At home:

add 1/2 tsp of any blend to a cup and form a smooth paste with a little hot water. Then fill your cup with hot milk/mylk.


add 1/2 tsp of any blend to a milk brother along with milk/mylk of choice (we love Oatley barista blend). Froth until milk goes a velvety creamy colour, pour and serve!

Psst.. I am just as delicious served cold with ice!

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With the increased focus on health and wellness, consumers, particularly millennials, are more health conscious, and are willing to try new, healthier alternatives to traditional soft drinks and cocktails. 


The versatility of MAWish blends makes them an excellent added ingredient some of the traditional cocktail 'favourites'

BARTENDERS, why not give these a go

  • Liquid Gold Pina Colada

  • Liquid Balance Espresso Martinii

  • Liquid Energy Mojito



Mix Me

To get the most out of your blends and maximise the health benefits of our products why not add them to your favourite recipes.

All our blends make a delicious addition to porridge, smoothies, cakes and bakes as well as a number of savoury recipes so you can add some spice to your menu!

Cook With Me

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"I personally love adding a tsp Liquid gold or Balance to my oats in the morning. As a bit of a porridge addict, it keeps me going with low Glycemic Index and cholesterol benefits. To top off I cut up some fresh fruit, a dollop of Skyr yoghurt, a spoon of peanut butter and if feeling really wild I hide some dark chocolate in the middle." 

Our blends have no added sugar or fillers which makes them a fantastic alternative to ordinary salt and pepper, as well as other spices, and a quick way to super-charge your menu options on a daily basis for optimal health.


They are not a high dose pill, but rather a blended seasoning that provides the ideal way to ingest “bioavailable” plant based food and a delicious way to boost the flavour to everything you eat whilst nourishing your body.

Sprinkle Me

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